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"I have finally found a form of exercise that I actually enjoy with TransformHers bootcamps. I have almost dropped a whole pant size (a lot of my clothes are too big now!) and feel great after each session. It also gives me an opportunity to get outdoors more during the week which doesn't normally happen with my usual work routine."
Lee-Anne Holmes-Theron
"Never before have I enjoyed my training sessions. I have been with TransformHERS for two months and will be signing up again for the next camp. Training with Ru is such a pleasure, I'm already seeing a difference -still a long way to go but I will get there. "
Thandi Mpanza
"Thank you for getting me back into exercise. I had not done formal exercise for about 10 years, so what a shock to the system to get straight into it. I really enjoy the sessions even though they were tough and hard. I have felt a significant difference in the tone of my body and was pleased to see my progress at the end of the programme. I am even craving exercise and do long walks and specific body training (learnt in the sessions) everyday. "
Kirsten Davids
"I really enjoyed my experience at TransformHERS. It was awesome, tough at times, but so much fun. Our trainer Sibi was great and nice to meet new people! Would recommend it to anyone wanting a great work out and have a laugh!"
Chantel Van Deventer

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The iTransform Challenge Feb 2013

posted by TransformHERS on 18 Feb 13, 14:43

Categories: iTransform Challenge

2013...a healthier, fitter, leaner YOU!

Good luck to all our Feb2013 iTransform Challengers.  Don't see this journey as a chore, its a choice you have made toward a happy and healthier lifestyle!

Keep us posted on your progress during the next 3 months (daily, weekly or monthly), there will be tough times and easy times - we are here to guide and encourage your throughout.  Looking forward to seeing some FAB results.

The TransformHERS Team

Comments (43)


Published on 18 Feb 13, 14:44

Day 1 of the Feb13 iTransform Challenge!!! All the best to each and every one of you.


Published on 20 Feb 13, 14:09

I am so sore today. I cant wait to finish this first month so that i will be fitter and be able to handle more.


Published on 21 Feb 13, 13:59

Keep up the hard work, Dominique. The first weeks are definitely the toughest... it gets easier with time and you will be amazed with the results. All the best for test day today everyone!


Published on 22 Feb 13, 13:51

I cannot believe week one is gone.
I am sore all over, but I am really so proud of myself :)
Come Monday..............
Have a great weekend ladies


Published on 25 Feb 13, 13:50

Well Monday is here, am not so sure anymore


Published on 25 Feb 13, 15:33

I'm so excited to get back this week. I keep checking to see if it is time to go get. I'm itching to feel the burn again.


Published on 25 Feb 13, 18:01

Awesome guys!!! Keep up the hard work - it certainly will be worth it in the end. I have emailed you Words of Inspirational from the iTransform Challemge 2012 winner, Debra Burton. Hope that helps to keep your eyes on the prize - R10 000 and an awesome, lean, fit and healthy bod!


Published on 26 Feb 13, 07:48

Feeling great so far, already lost 1.5kg's in the first week! This has really motivated me to stay focused. I think week 2 will be a lot easier than last week :)


Published on 26 Feb 13, 09:10

Well done Gailene!!!! Keep up the GREAT work ladies :-)


Published on 28 Feb 13, 15:12

I feel so great!!!! Loving the bootcamp!!!! Whoop whoop!


Published on 01 Mar 13, 10:57

So fellow challengers, who is going to do the Warrior Race??


Published on 05 Mar 13, 07:27

I am def going to be there!!! Be in contact soon re details :-)


Published on 06 Mar 13, 10:44

Killer class by Justin this morning @ Sunninhill Gardens - only 2 of us and Justin - but we made it count!
Feeling Great!


Published on 06 Mar 13, 12:35

Great stuff, Angelique! You definitely have an advantage over those who missed this morning's session! KEEP IT UP!


Published on 07 Mar 13, 15:10

Here we are the end of #Week3. And what an amazing week its been indeed. I think its fair to say that this week was cardio cardio cardio!!! But wow I feel good. Pushing my body and seeing that I can do more push ups, run faster and even chat to my buddy when doing that last run to the wall and back @Lezel LOL.

Our morning sessions in #Stunninghill are just the best. The amount of energy we leave with sustain me through the day is such a added bonus. Come join us in the morning just to try it out.

Was able to catch up with the ladies and Teacher RU in the afternoon this week. And its has just reminded me what a great sense of comradery we have in Sunninghill.

All the best for #Week4 ladies. Lets do this!!!


Published on 11 Mar 13, 12:48

Feeling absolutley fab, the last three weeks have been a lot of hard work but i can see the results, 3.3kg in total lost already and i just so happy. My stomach has never looked this flat.

The challange though has been food, i have managed to kick the rice and occasional pap in the evening and concentrate on salad and chicken or grilled beef or something. I am though having a bit of a sugar craving setting in, i found these fab dieting chocs at Dischem, cant remember what they called will post the name soon.

Cant wait till next for mid tests hope to drop a further 2kg by then.


Published on 14 Mar 13, 12:03

Camp 1 of the challenge done and "sweated"! Loving the early mornings, the meals, the encouragement and the company!
According to the scale - 2kg's down and clothes feeling looser - still lots to go though! Looking forward to the midway body testing to verify progress.
Camp 2 ... I'm ready :)


Published on 14 Mar 13, 19:10

I feel good tananana!!!!! Loving the bootcamp, loosing weight! yes. This challenge means much more for me as i want to be more active, i stopped smoking 4 weeks ago, i can breath, run longer and quicker, i am so proud of me!!!!!!
Happy easter holidays ladys and keep training.
We can meet for long walks or SMALL runs once a week????


Published on 15 Mar 13, 09:06

I cant believe 4 weeks has gone already!!, I am so glad test day has come and gone becuase i dont relax on the thursdays when we test, the run keeps me awake the whole night before. This time though it wasnt too bad, the steps at NC primary are a killer but hey my asthmatic lungs held on and i even managed a little sprint at the end. I actually saw myself as a mini "Husain Bolt" and i just thought legs, lungs bolt for me now!!! hahaha!!

So far 4,6 kg lost and i am just so greatful to transformhers because i have never lost this much weight before. I havent felt this good about myself!

2.1kg to go and will be breaking into the 70's and i cant remember when i was ever weighing anywhere in the 70's.

Oh yes ladies to satisfy that sweets cravings eat Slimmers chocs available at Dischem.

Enjoy easters !!


Published on 18 Mar 13, 19:58

AMAZING, AMAZING, AMAZING!!!! Well Done Ladies!!!!!! Keep up the awesome work into your 2 week Easter break.


Published on 19 Mar 13, 08:02

So camp 1 is done and dusted and what a fantastic 4 weeks it has been. I am feeling great and so energized. The weight is coming down nicely and I am extremely proud of my discipline during this challenge.

It was however a sad test day last week as I had to say good bye to my Edenvale trainer Sibi. She really has been an inspiration to me. Every training session was filled with laughter and we always had such great fun. She was also extremely encouraging in helping me to achieve my goals in this challenge. Thank you Sibi for your amazing spirit and friendship, I am going to miss you. I wish you all the best in your new adventures and every bit of success for the future.


Published on 04 Apr 13, 11:04

1st day back at camp Lee tried to kill us, I am surprised that I am still alive :)
1st camp was horrible for me as I could not attend all sessions, so my measurements did not really make me happy.
I am back though for this camp, and I plan to make up for lost time.
Hope we all have the energy in this cold weather :)


Published on 05 Apr 13, 10:41

Still have 7 weeks to go Nozipho! You CAN do this!!!


Published on 09 Apr 13, 08:47

Don't know about everybody else but camp has really turned up the heat, the excercises are a lot tougher but loving them!!

Li is just fab her encourgement and motivation keeps me going stronger!!!


Published on 25 Apr 13, 08:40

Hey people, I have started to notice to notice that my shoes a feeling bigger actually what I mean is that my feet seem smaller in my feet. My boots that I bought about a month ago are loose and my other shoes as well. Is it possible for a person to lose weight on their feet??

Anyway I am very happy with how my body is looking, my clothes are looser, i cant even wear my other jeans because they are literally falling off.

My thighs seem much more toned, my arms are better. My fitness has also improved, my running is not super fast but I can manage a few words with someone running along side me and for me that is a milestone!!

Thanks Li, you are the best, oh yes am I losing weight around my feet is it possible?


Published on 25 Apr 13, 12:07

YAY Nthabiseng!!!!!! So happy to hear you are seeing and feeling the results of all your hard work. Yes, you can lose cm's in your feet and ankles - from all the cardio during your workouts and now that you are building muscle too, you will be burning energy even when you are not working out.

Keep it up!!! 4 weeks to go :-)


Published on 25 Apr 13, 12:57

Nthabiseng, you are doing so well - CONGRATS on all your mini victories - looser clothes, firmer toned body, improved fitness, feeling good etc. With regards to your "smaller" feet, it is extremely possible that the regular high intensity exercise has increased your body's circulation and hence there is no longer water build up in your tissues - which usually accumulates around the ankles and feet. How awesome is that! Another compounding factor could be the colder weather as feet shrink slightly in cooler weather and expand in hotter weather, but I do not think that this reasoning can explain the reduced size of your feet single-handedly. Fab job - we cannot wait for the final Challenge results. Keep up the great work!


Published on 26 Apr 13, 10:03

Oh Fab!!

Yesterday was test day, I gave it my all especially on the run, in total I am very happy with my results especially with my push ups, my arms are really getting stronger.

Cant wait for the next camp!!


Published on 26 Apr 13, 13:34

Camp 2 done and dusted!!
And what a hectic and intense camp it has been!! Darren has been extremely motivating and on those days when it felt like I couldn't anymore, he pushed me to keep going. Thanks Darren! Looking forward to the last 4 weeks!! WooHoo!!
I am also very happy with my test results yesterday, an overall improvement everywhere :)

I really am loving this challenge and seeing the results makes all the hard work so worthwhile. My body is getting toned and shapely - I need a whole new wardrobe because nothing fits anymore!! LOL!! All and all I am extremely happy :)

Enjoy the break ladies and GOOD LUCK for the last 4 weeks!


Published on 26 Apr 13, 13:39

P.S. Has anyone else had a massive increase in their appetite? I have been insanely hungry lately, and I am eating all day - well 5 meals (all the good things of course) but my body just wants more. Is it because my metabolism has increased and my nutritional needs have changed?


Published on 29 Apr 13, 13:42

You are not alone, I have also been feeling peckish lately, my worst is graving for a slice of white bread Low GI and nutella spread, OH i just love the taste, what i do though is make the slice and cut into 4 pieces and I share with my twin girls and son so in actual fact I end up eating only a quarter of the bread.

By the way does anyone know if couscous is good when trying to lose weight?


Published on 30 Apr 13, 15:33

Well done Gailene! We are so proud of your determination and dedication and amazing results. We are also very glad to hear that Darren is motivating you to keep on going. Only 4 more weeks to go - can you believe it!

It is completely natural to feel hungrier when training hard. The colder weather also encourages some unhealthy habits (coffee + biscuits etc) so when peckish try reach for a banana, apple and low GI stuff.

Nthabiseng, cous cous is not particularly good for weight loss. It is a wheat product . Rather choose low GI alternatives such as barley, buckwheat, bulgar and quinoa.

Keep up the fab work ladies and we look forward to a fantastic May camp :)


Published on 08 May 13, 13:12

Test day today and oh as usual dreading the run and oh those humangous steps anyway will try my best!


Published on 09 May 13, 19:18

Nthabi - you demolished those steps!!! Well done ... Only once more you will have to do it and those steps will be a thing of the past...


Published on 10 May 13, 08:41

Nthabi - We at camp are very proud of you. We all can see the difference and we all want you to succeed. We are 100% behind you... You go girl!!!!


Published on 10 May 13, 13:47

Hello!!! I am so excited for tomorrow!!!!! Warrior Race here i come!!!! But i am so freaking out right now.... I don't know what a sign for..... It was my bday present to myself!!! Anyways see you there for those joining!!!!!!!!!
And i am so back in my jeans!!!!! Hihihihi and my dresses! Fells good.
I am also leaving SA next friday, this week will be my last bootcamp, but they have bootcamp in Lagos ( it will never be like this one ... Sad face).
So i am not gonna be there for the big results, not even mine.... EISH..... But i am glad i made it!!!!!
So good luck to all the challengers!!!!! Especially Dominique!!!!!
Gonna miss the bootcamp and everyone i met there.



Published on 14 May 13, 09:07

Oh thanks guys your support really means a lot to me, it keeps me going!!


Published on 17 May 13, 08:47

Ja hey bootcamp has been hectic these past 3 days, wow I am feeling rather tender in a couple of places especially around my tummy area.

Love the plank then someone holds your legs up excercise and does squarts!! Oh and the Russian type one aswell!


Published on 22 May 13, 23:02

Hey there Challengers! Hope the body testing went well... We cannot wait to see all your amazing improvements. Remember to diarise Wed 5th June for Prizegiving 6:30pm for 7pm where we will be giving away awesome prizes to top achievers, including R10 000 cash to the deserving winner of the iTransform Challenger. Wonder who that will be?!?! All the best to all our Challengers :)


Published on 24 May 13, 09:19

I cant believe we at the end of the challenge, I Found myself wondering if I could maybe have worked harder during the weeks but you I was quite happy at test day.

Well to all the ladies I hope you were all happy with your results!!


Published on 29 May 13, 08:22

Hi Ladies

Does anyone know how to view the pics we took in Feb, i would like to just see the comparison. I like what I saw on FB though, great ladies!


Published on 29 May 13, 18:47

Hi there Nthabiseng! Yes, we can send you the before and after pics. Well done on the wonderful results! Your pics will be in your inbox soon :-)


Published on 31 May 13, 08:40

Test Day Test Day, it was a great day, thank you to all my team mates and Li for all the support, you guys were like wind under my feet, back and arms just when I needed that extra push.

Shelanator you ROCK!!!! love you all and thank you all for being my pillar at every step of my journey.

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