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"I have finally found a form of exercise that I actually enjoy with TransformHers bootcamps. I have almost dropped a whole pant size (a lot of my clothes are too big now!) and feel great after each session. It also gives me an opportunity to get outdoors more during the week which doesn't normally happen with my usual work routine."
Lee-Anne Holmes-Theron
"Never before have I enjoyed my training sessions. I have been with TransformHERS for two months and will be signing up again for the next camp. Training with Ru is such a pleasure, I'm already seeing a difference -still a long way to go but I will get there. "
Thandi Mpanza
"Thank you for getting me back into exercise. I had not done formal exercise for about 10 years, so what a shock to the system to get straight into it. I really enjoy the sessions even though they were tough and hard. I have felt a significant difference in the tone of my body and was pleased to see my progress at the end of the programme. I am even craving exercise and do long walks and specific body training (learnt in the sessions) everyday. "
Kirsten Davids
"I really enjoyed my experience at TransformHERS. It was awesome, tough at times, but so much fun. Our trainer Sibi was great and nice to meet new people! Would recommend it to anyone wanting a great work out and have a laugh!"
Chantel Van Deventer

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iTransform Challenge #3 Sept13

posted by TransformHERS on 05 Sep 13, 21:53

Categories: iTransform Challenge

Congratulations on entering the iTransform Challenge #3 - Sept2013!

We are excited to have you on board and look forward to sharing this journey of a complete lifestyle change with you. The road ahead will be very rewarding: you will notice changes in your body shape, feel fitter, be more energized, sleep better, and receive the many health benefits associated with exercise, such as decreased blood pressure, lowered cholesterol and more.

Good luck to each and every one of you!

Comments (13)


Published on 10 Sep 13, 09:54

I started at Northcliff last night and right now I'm not having fun :-( It obviously is because I am so unfit! Can't wait to get fitter and feel better. Day 2 tonight!


Published on 11 Sep 13, 07:37

How did day 2 go Belinda? Getting fit and healthy is not an easy process...BUT take each day in your stride and you will notice the difference in your body, mind and energy in no time.

Keep up the determination, don't worry about where you still have to be...remember how far you have come. Just taking this first step is a HUGE positive leap forward.


Published on 17 Sep 13, 12:28

The struggle continues!!!! ALUTTAAA!!! Enjoying it much so far...i really do feel sooo good after every session! Whoooop! :)


Published on 18 Sep 13, 21:11

You are doing SO well Margaret! Keep up the commitment and determination. You have taken a giant leap toward a fitter and leaner you. Look forward to the next 10 weeks of the Challenge.


Published on 19 Sep 13, 16:17

Loving bootcamp so much.....Liana is incredible!!!
Sadly missing training tonight but definately went to the gym this morning to make up for the time I will be missing.
Can't believe week 2 is already finished.... guess the saying is true, "TIME FLIES WHEN YOU'RE HAVING FUN!!!!!!"


Published on 25 Sep 13, 10:04

So glad to hear you are enjoying your sessions while reaping the amazing benefits! Well done Siyanda. Time does fly when you are having fun :-) Keep us updated.


Published on 27 Sep 13, 11:14

Wow , what a journey ladies !!!!!!! getting my fitness levels going.First week was tough , but have managed till now end of week 3, still going strong, cant wait for the weigh in.

I love the food, excellent and enjoying that I do not have to do a lot of cooking in the week!!!!!


Published on 01 Oct 13, 22:20

Can't believe it is week four already but feel fitter an stronger. thank you to all the boot campers at Northcliff for the support. Li you are the best


Published on 03 Oct 13, 22:29

So sad I couldn't make it to the last training of the 1st month of the challenge, matters beyond my control occurred. I did however go to the gym.... It's not the same though :-(


Published on 18 Oct 13, 18:17

Keep it up ladies - everyone of you is incredible and are making such a huge change in your lives by deciding to take on this challenge :0)


Published on 18 Nov 13, 09:17

The final 4 weeks of the challenge has arrived...Wow!!! So excited to begin training again, training clothes have already been packed for today! "Can I have a HELL YEAH!!!"


Published on 06 Dec 13, 17:00

Assessment day today....waiting in the car outside (arrived quite early for the 17:30 time slot)....FEEL LIKE I'M WAITING TO WRITE AN EXAM!!!!


Published on 17 Dec 13, 11:42

What an amazing journey this has been. After 3 months of challenging workouts, good laughs and pushing ourselves to new achievements I feel like a new person! I have learnt SO much about myself: what food my body does and doesn’t like, how to make easy and sustainable lifestyle changes to the way I eat and train, but most importantly being able to accomplish things that I never thought possible. When I started with TransformHERS in Feb 2013 in Durban I couldn't even run the 1km track let alone get to 20 push-ups or sit-ups on test day! Now my body is stronger and leaner and I feel like I can accomplish anything I set my mind to. With any challenge like this there will be those days that test your resilience and will power, and I had them too. But overcoming those challenges, one at a time, and pushing towards your goal just motivates you to keep going. With hard work, focus and dedication you can win :-) Thank you to Cheryl and Tarryn for your constant encouragement and support. I'm so looking forward to spending the R10,000 in NZ with my gorgeous sister.
For anyone reading this right now and wondering whether you should take part in the Feb 2014 iTransform Challenge – THIS IS YOUR SIGN! Yes it will be challenging, but it will be worth it. "We may never know the results of our actions.... but if we do nothing there will be no result".

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