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"I have finally found a form of exercise that I actually enjoy with TransformHers bootcamps. I have almost dropped a whole pant size (a lot of my clothes are too big now!) and feel great after each session. It also gives me an opportunity to get outdoors more during the week which doesn't normally happen with my usual work routine."
Lee-Anne Holmes-Theron
"Never before have I enjoyed my training sessions. I have been with TransformHERS for two months and will be signing up again for the next camp. Training with Ru is such a pleasure, I'm already seeing a difference -still a long way to go but I will get there. "
Thandi Mpanza
"Thank you for getting me back into exercise. I had not done formal exercise for about 10 years, so what a shock to the system to get straight into it. I really enjoy the sessions even though they were tough and hard. I have felt a significant difference in the tone of my body and was pleased to see my progress at the end of the programme. I am even craving exercise and do long walks and specific body training (learnt in the sessions) everyday. "
Kirsten Davids
"I really enjoyed my experience at TransformHERS. It was awesome, tough at times, but so much fun. Our trainer Sibi was great and nice to meet new people! Would recommend it to anyone wanting a great work out and have a laugh!"
Chantel Van Deventer

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The iTransform Challenge Sept2012

posted by TransformHERS on 10 Sep 12, 13:21

Categories: iTransform Challenge

10th September 2012 - Today marks the start of the iTransform Challenge.  We wish all our Challengers the best of luck for their 3 month journey ahead, the TransformHERS Team are right behind you supporting and encouraging you.  Keep us posted on your experiences and progress - we look forward to hearing from you.

Comments (25)


Published on 10 Sep 12, 13:23

Holding thumbs and supporting each and every one of you!! May the most "transformed" lady win...


Published on 11 Sep 12, 12:47

Good Afternoon Ladies.

One day down and 83 days to go!!!!!


Wasn’t not feeling my best yesterday and seem to be struggling with heartburn or an ulcer due to stress but I will persist. Wish I could get rid of the tiredness too but I guess carrying a double me would make anyone tired. :-) I am keeping a daily diary of exactly what I am eating and drinking even if I go of the rails just to prove to myself that I can do this. Just got to keep reminding myself why I am doing it. And yes the money would cover huge holes but that is not the main reason, I want to be able to cycle with Cameron (9), my youngest son whom is ADHD, swim with my daughters Donna-Paige (11) and Abigail (6) and not embarrassed my eldest son (15) and be there to help them grow up in to law abiding and respecting adults. I was a WTVL swimmer in 1994 so I have no excuses any further. Will post a picture of my matric farewell if I can figure it out. If I do not do something I will end up with diabetes and even though my cholesterol is normal, things can change in a literally heartbeat!
We received our first batch of meals last night at training and was so not interested in food so had salad and tuna for supper and brought my pre-packed, cooked meal to work. Will try upload a photo - I must say - Absolutely delicious even though no gravy and sauces are present. Succulent Beef fillet strips with sweetcorn, baby marrows, broccoli, cauliflower and carrots. WOW!! I am impressed. Doesn’t look like much (for what I am actually used too) but tummy is full. Sibi pushed our new group last night and what a stunning group of ladies. I was encourage by people I did not even know. I am starting to run more (honestly - my down fall, my boobs are too big, think I am scared I will n=knock myself out :-) ) and push myself on the exercises.
Was not joking either last week when I said I was going to lock my doors and put the key in my daughter pillow case. I have done so Sunday night and last night and even though woke up on numerous occasions for a wee, I did not go near the kitchen to "midnight snack"! YIPPEE!!! Drank allot of water though so perhaps that will slow down at night and I will be able to drink more during the day. Think I need to set my alarm every hour during the day to drink some water.
Well back to work we go! Back with Sibi and the group tonight preparing for our test this week and burning those calories.

Can you believe, I remember everything except my takkies - where is my mind - oh well barefoot here we go. Got to get that tan going - he he he........................

Till later alligators............



Published on 11 Sep 12, 13:03

Me again!

If anyone wants to keep in contact my BBM pin is 25DF75C1 and cell number is 074 173 4979.

God Bless



Published on 12 Sep 12, 10:14

82 Days to go!!

I ran right round the field guys, was able to do bunny hops and the ladder in and out like we used to do in primary school - I was not able to do this before - WOW!!!

Thank you Sibi and girls for the inspiration and fun.

"Its all in the mind" - lets push forward!!!!!

Till later alligators.........



Published on 12 Sep 12, 16:01

WELL DONE KAREN!!!!!!! keep up the GREAT work and communication. We love hearing your experiences and the wonderful results that you are seeing. Look forward to hearing about your TEST DAY on Thursday.

Keep up the good work!!!!!
The TransformHERS Team!!!!


Published on 12 Sep 12, 16:26

Excellent work Karen. Keep up the hard work and remember starting is always the hardest... So it can only get easier as days go by! Hows that for a great thought :)

How are the other challengers doing.... Please keep us posted ladies!


Published on 13 Sep 12, 13:48

Hey Ladies,

I am absolutely loving the challenge!! Day 3 in the bag and I'm slightly sore all over but feeling revitalized and ready to go. Today is the fit test and super amped to feel the burn. Loving the food as well, just had the beef fillet strips for lunch which was divine. I eat the veg first to save the best for last hehe.

Karen all the best and well done so far!! Keep it up!! I will add you on BBM so we can motivate each other :-)

Take care,


Published on 13 Sep 12, 13:53

Brilliant work Debra!!! Its good that you are feeling some soreness - dont forget to stretch well after training and take that Glutamine from PURE.

Keep us posted regarding TEST DAY Today :-)


Published on 13 Sep 12, 14:28

Hi all

81 days to go!!!

Last night was a killer. Struggling to walk up stairs and bed. Good burn feeling though. Unfortunately did not lock up and ate plain noodle wheels left overs from my kids at about 11pm. Don’t even remember why! Got to break this habit. They say 21 days to break an old habit and 21 days to build a new one. Will lock up tonight.

Lunch today was not my best - bean and lentil curry with veg and rice. Couldn’t become vegetarian!!

Need to get a sports bra if Sibi is going to continue with the running, star jumps and bunny hops. These floatation devices of mine are taking strain. So if anyone knows of where to get a 44DD sports bra at a reasonable cost - please let me know.

I am still struggling with the pain in my chest/back. Don’t know what it is but hope it goes away quickly.

Good luck all for the test! This is the fun part.

Chat tomorrow.

Later alligators..............



Published on 17 Sep 12, 14:34

Hello Everyone

Where are you all?

Had a relatively good weekend. Stomach aches are gone - thank you God!

Test night went well. Improved in my numbers and times - so pleased. Got to get this running down.

Was scared to weight but did so and am down 3.4 kg. So proud of myself.

Must say I am still stiff. Will need to stretch nicely tonight.

Cant wait for my meals and for the session - become my new addiction and with loosing and feeling less tired and strong - want to push forward more than ever.

Hope you all well and keeping strong.

Till later alligators.........



Published on 18 Sep 12, 13:51

You did very well at Test Day last week Karen! Keep pushing yourself and 3.4kg down, what a bonus!!!!


Published on 20 Sep 12, 08:30

Hello Friends

I have had a good week this week. The food has been delicious. Not a fish eating person but this weeks was interesting. Ate the mushrooms and chicken yesterday afternoon and was pleasantly surprised. Came to a "lightbulb" moment that making food, or rather, making healthy food is not that difficult if you put just a little effort in. I mean, sweet potato and mushrooms are not my best and I would certainly not go out and buy sweet potato but hell - I enjoyed the stuffed chicken. Will be going out to purposely teach myself how to cook healthier meals and educate myself and family into vegetables.

I seem to have hurt my knees especially the right one and it clicks horribly so I am hoping our biokentics reads these and can offer me a little support. I know carry this weight has done me no justice but I can’t go on with a clicky knee or I will cause a nasty problem and over compensate on the other knee and knock myself out totally :-(

I am not sure if you guys feel the same but I push myself so hard during session that I can’t catch my breath and then when it’s time to finish it is like I want more. Like I want to carry on - like I haven’t done enough. Guess that is a good thing to showing I am getting fitter and could push a little harder.

I must say in the last two weeks I have become more aware of my eating, posture, and health conscious and excited when talking about it. I am braver to ask and question and not just accept.

Woke up last night and ate and am so cross with myself but know I can’t change it now. Have to get in the right sleep patterns and stop the binging. In essence hat is what I am doing! I have an eating disorder and need to acknowledge it!! When I get paid I will get healthier snacks in the house and will also have to be hard on myself. I am the only one that can change my habits, not my family, not my colleagues, not you guys, not TransformHers - ME!! Please support me - that what I can ask you guys for. Help me change my lifestyle - that is what the challenge is all about hey...............................

Deb - thank you for the messages on BBM - nice to know there is another out there.

If you guys are going away this weekend, please keep safe. Relax and get lots of fresh air.

See you soon.

Later alligators............


Published on 25 Sep 12, 08:30

Hi Karen,
With regards to your knees would you please contact us directly as we have a few Medical and technical questions we need to ask you to ascertain as to what is causing the clicking and we can then help you accordingly.

Knees can be funny little joints, and need to be looked after. If they are clicking and you are not getting any pain it is usually fine, but again we would rather be safe than sorry.

You are welcome to email me directly ( or call us on 011 440 0174 or 083 280 9762.

Looking forward to helping you out!



Published on 05 Oct 12, 13:50

Well done to all our Challengers for making it through the first month of the Challenge!! Use this week to repair your muscles after some hectic training, but DON'T stop completely. Go for a short run or walk around the block, and remember to eat healthily. Keep up the GREAT work from all of us at TransformHERS!!

TransformHERS on behalf of Debra Burton

Published on 09 Oct 12, 14:17

TransformHERS has changed my life! Since starting the Challenge last month I have not looked back, I feel great inside and out and it can only get better. I love the sessions as we all have similar goals and motivate each other along the way.
Rulene is an amazing trainer and coach. She inspires us to push ourselves and get involved. I cannot wait to get back into the pace again next month. Well done all! Debra Burton

TransformHERS on behalf of Karen Strydom

Published on 24 Oct 12, 09:41

Tonight was hectic. No time to catch a breath from drill Sargent Sibi! If it wasn't for you Sibi I would not be able to do this. Its getting harder but I am not going to give up. If I can loose cm's like this, I can get my eating in order too. I am strong but my eating is lazy - got to strengthen my mind and will-power to put my crutch down and stop making excuses..... I can and will succeed!

TransformHERS on behalf of Michele Rogers

Published on 24 Oct 12, 09:42

I am SO thrilled at my measurements. exactly what I wanted is cm loss. I am seeing a huge difference in my toning.
I am ready to win the R10k.
Bring on the next 7 weeks!!!


Published on 20 Nov 12, 11:37

Hello fellow Challengers

How you all doing?

We are the end of the challenge! Can you believe it. Wow!!!

Started again after our week break. Seeing great results from weight to cm to muscle definition to even my sleep pattern. Stunning.

Felt strong last night - what an amazing feeling!! :-) Struggled with the heat though - felt nauseous doing the jumping from up and down on the mountain climb and burpees. Still trying to get some of the excercises right and will continue to push on.

Increase in our numbers this camp which is awesome. The more the merrier - more friends to be made and campers to encourage.

Here to Edenvale Club - an inspirationsl leader and team.

Lets bring it on girls - to US - We can do it!!!

Out of here ..............



Published on 21 Nov 12, 13:30

Hi all
JUst joined the camp Northcliff today, going for the 1st time this afternoon.
I have to be honest, I am really scared.
All the best to all the ladies in the challenge, only saw it today.
You are almost there, and I am sure it was worth it :)


Published on 21 Nov 12, 14:31

YAY Karen, the end is near you are right and the measurements and test results have been brilliant!!! We look forward to seeing you on the 13th Dec for our Birthday and Awards Ceremony.

Noz...Don't worry about a thing! I know you are going to enjoy it, ladies at camp soon become friends and the encouragement is amazing!

Keep us posted...


Published on 03 Dec 12, 09:20

Hello fellow friends

There is only seven sessions left - shocking!!

Bootcamp is a part of my life now.

With the weight lost and the cm, I can honestly say I have gotten out benefits I never expected.

Thank you especially to Sibi for not giving up and answering my question, Cheryl for your support and my team mates for pushing and edging me on all the time.

God has brought you across my path for a reason.

I will be signing up for future.

Got more to loose and many more friends and experiences to gain.

Best of all blessings to my fellow challengers. Lets go out with a bang!

God Bless



Published on 04 Dec 12, 15:54

6 more sessions to go ladies!!!! Be the best you can be...


Published on 10 Dec 12, 09:53

Last 3 sessions got this :-)


Published on 12 Dec 12, 13:31

TransformHERS has been the most incredible experience of my life. The challenge has pushed me beyond the norm and challenged my way of life. I have made some important changes to the way I exercise, I eat and live day to day. I haven’t felt this rejuvenated in a long time. I crave exercise. I crave the euphoria.

I would like to thank TransformHERS for the leap of faith and amazing support and to Rulene for being the most amazing and inspiring coach. BUT it doesn’t stop here, this is who I am and where I am going. STunninghill can stay!

Well done to all the other challengers for pushing through the blood, sweat and tears. Pain is temporary… So run while you can! And let your down hills carry you up hill.


Published on 14 Feb 13, 13:52

Dear Fellow Challengers,

I thought I’d give you some tips that I lived by to help you through the awesome challenge that lies ahead. I loved the challenge and everything it has done for me personally. We all know that what you put in is what you get out but this challenge was the perfect opportunity to push myself in the right direction and stay focused.

•Don’t procrastinate – just do it! Get up and go. As simple as it is, get amped and don’t let thoughts like “ah it’s raining” or “ah I’m tired” get in the way. You will get supplements to help with muscle recovery so pretty much no excuses. You need to remind yourself why you are doing this challenge. And believe you me the 3 months will go by super quick.
•Try and attend each and every session. Come rain or hail. Stick it out. This is where it counts. Once you are in a routine you won’t look back.
•Eat well! Especially at lunch time, fuel for your kick ass session ahead. I took my meals to work for lunch and then had lighter dinners in the evenings.
•Do an extra session of cardio on the weekends if you want to step it up a notch, if you love running try some hill training. Run for less time, 30 – 45mins but incorporate lots of hills for an intense workout. Or go for a swim or even a cycle. Get that heart pumped.
•This is now a way of life. And once you finish with the challenge keep up the boot camp 2 – 3 times a week (it’s very manageable) and by this point you will have adjusted to your new and improved lifestyle. And maintenance is not the hardest part. I have basically cut out sugar, margarine, butter and bread and I don’t miss it. Don’t kill yourself and most certainly don’t deprive yourself. I have an insane sweet tooth and have chocolate almost daily but I have taught myself to eat in moderation to enjoy the good things in life. I let go a bit on the weekends but keep it together for the most part.

If you need any further advice or motivation give me a shout, happy to help where I can. And don’t forget to enjoy the process! It’s insane!


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