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"I have finally found a form of exercise that I actually enjoy with TransformHers bootcamps. I have almost dropped a whole pant size (a lot of my clothes are too big now!) and feel great after each session. It also gives me an opportunity to get outdoors more during the week which doesn't normally happen with my usual work routine."
Lee-Anne Holmes-Theron
"Never before have I enjoyed my training sessions. I have been with TransformHERS for two months and will be signing up again for the next camp. Training with Ru is such a pleasure, I'm already seeing a difference -still a long way to go but I will get there. "
Thandi Mpanza
"Thank you for getting me back into exercise. I had not done formal exercise for about 10 years, so what a shock to the system to get straight into it. I really enjoy the sessions even though they were tough and hard. I have felt a significant difference in the tone of my body and was pleased to see my progress at the end of the programme. I am even craving exercise and do long walks and specific body training (learnt in the sessions) everyday. "
Kirsten Davids
"I really enjoyed my experience at TransformHERS. It was awesome, tough at times, but so much fun. Our trainer Sibi was great and nice to meet new people! Would recommend it to anyone wanting a great work out and have a laugh!"
Chantel Van Deventer

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Blog - latest entries

The Importance of Rest

posted by TransformHERS on 06 Oct 14, 08:49

Rest days are critical to sports performance for a variety of reasons. Some are physiological and some are psychological. Rest is physically necessary so that the muscles can repair, rebuild and stren...

Categories: Fitness, TransformHERS Bootcamp, iTransform Challenge

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iTransform Challenge #4

posted by TransformHERS on 06 Sep 14, 13:07

The time has come, body testings have been done and all 16 ladies are getting ready for the iTransform Challenge #4. Good luck to all ladies, we are excited to have you on this incredible journey to a...

Categories: iTransform Challenge

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Shin Splints

posted by TransformHERS on 21 Aug 14, 10:54

Shin splints could be an Irritated and swollen muscles, often from overuse, stress fractures, which are tiny breaks in the lower leg bones or over-pronation or ''flat feet" -- when the impact of a ste...

Categories: Fitness, TransformHERS Bootcamp

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Get fit with your Heart Rate

posted by TransformHERS on 04 Aug 14, 14:39

The reason why it is important to know your heart rate while exercising is that it indicates your current effort level and available work capacity, and it provides information about how close you are ...

Categories: Fitness, TransformHERS Bootcamp

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Healthy Eating this Winter

posted by TransformHERS on 27 May 14, 08:19

It is usually during wintertime that we gain weight, and that we get flu. What can you do to ensure that you don’t gain weight this winter, while still providing your body with the necessary nutrients...

Categories: Health, Fitness

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Snack smart over Easter

posted by TransformHERS on 17 Apr 14, 13:31

Only buy a small amount of good quality chocolate. The darker the chocolate the more antioxidants, so chocolate with 60 per cent cocoa is a good option....

Categories: Health, Fitness

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Winter - 15 Fat-Burning Foods

posted by TransformHERS on 15 Apr 14, 12:48

Foods that start slimming your waistline the moment they leave your fork. They build muscle, promote fat burning or simply use energy (burning those kilojoules) just to digest them! Stock up today....

Categories: Health

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Does it matter what time you eat?

posted by TransformHERS on 24 Mar 14, 13:48

Sure, a calorie is still a calorie, but how you time those calories can influence your metabolism and satiety levels, potentially making the difference between weight lost and weight gained. “Body wei...

Categories: Health

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The Secret to great ABS...

posted by TransformHERS on 11 Feb 14, 12:26

For many ladies this goal remains elusive, and that’s because toned, lean abs don’t come from gadgets or even from hundreds of sit-ups. While ab-specific training (which we do at TransformHERS) is one...

Categories: Health, Fitness, TransformHERS Bootcamp

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Your cycle and the amount of food you eat

posted by TransformHERS on 14 Jan 14, 21:42

According to Pretoria-based dietitian Careen Geldenhuys, “cravings result because of all the hormonal changes during menstruation which have an impact on your blood sugar control.” She explains that t...

Categories: Health

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